Why Get Natural Teeth Veneers

The use of porcelain veneers on the teeth is a good way to improve the teeth appearance. However, the cost of dental veneers vary. A family dentist will charge around $700 for a complete set of dental veneers, while a cosmetic dentist will charge around $1,100 for the same.

The dental veneer is a thin shell of porcelain which is fitted over the teeth. If you’re having veneers put on, you’ll need to come in to see the dentist.

The advantage of having veneers fitted is that you can get whiter teeth. The disadvantage is that the veneers will be much thinner than the natural teeth. This means that they will be more prone to cracks, chips and breakage.

How do you avoid the disadvantages of having porcelain veneers fitted on? Well, the easiest way is to take good care of your natural teeth. Brushing, flossing and proper dental hygiene are essential for good maintenance of your natural teeth and a healthy natural teeth appearance.

Your second advantage is that if you don’t have very poor teeth hygiene, then you may be able to get veneers without any issues. This is because most dental labs give their customers a set amount of set veneers to use until they need to send them out again for re-fitting.

What about the disadvantages? Well, if you have really poor teeth hygiene, then your natural teeth may become very sensitive to hot or cold liquids. Also, it can be prone to cracking. You may be able to use the porcelain veneers to a certain extent, but you may need to improve your teeth hygiene if you don’t want the veneers to break.

So what do you do?

You could get porcelain veneers to fix your teeth problems. But, these can cost thousands of dollars and take several visits to your cosmetic dentist. If you want to save money and get natural teeth improvements, then you may want to consider a natural teeth veneer.

A natural teeth veneer costs around $100. This is because your dentist will remove only the bottom teeth, leaving the natural teeth in the mouth. This can also be done with a laser, but this requires special training and supervision. This is also a more long term solution. One application of veneers can last for 10-12 years. This doesn’t last forever though and you have to keep applying it. It has been shown that those that keep applying veneers have the best results.