Three Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

There have been many advances in dental technology and equipment in recent years. One of the most important is the introduction of teeth whitening. Teeth can become discolored for several reasons, such as age, food, drinks, smoking, and even by the wearer. There are several ways to deal with these issues and dental whitening is one of them.

The most common method of teeth whitening is through the use of a teeth whitening tray which can be affixed to the teeth. The tray holds hydrogen peroxide in contact with the teeth for a set period of time. Some trays can be used daily, while others are used weekly. These trays can be custom made which take time and require expense. The cost of a custom tray can be up to several hundred dollars. There are also whitening strips which can be applied to the teeth. Strips are easier to use and can be purchased in small amounts to be used periodically until the custom tray is made. Whitening strips take a while to take effect; in fact, they often take weeks before results are noticeable. Whitening strips can also be cumbersome in design and placement, so they are not as efficient as the custom tray. Whitening strips are easier to use, but it takes more skill to use a whitening strip than a custom tray.

The other option for teeth whitening is through the use of a gel-based tooth whitener. The gel-based whitener is placed on the teeth with a small brush. The tooth whitener is effective in whitening teeth but it takes longer to take effect. Most tooth whiteners are effective in just a few days, but some are effective in 7-14 days. The result from the use of a gel-based whitener can be noticed after 14 days. The gel-based whitener is also easier to use than the strip, although the implementation of the gel-based whitener takes time and practice.

The third option is the use of gel-based toothpastes. Gel-based toothpastes are effective as they are placed on the teeth with a toothbrush and paste. The gel-based toothpastes have to be used for several hours, although it only takes about 20-30 minutes to apply the gel-based toothpastes. The gel-based toothpastes work even better than the tooth whitening tray and whitening strips. The gel-based toothpastes work to remove surface stains and for whitening the teeth, but they are less effective in the removal of deeper teeth staining.